College Credit Plus Roadmap- this is a graphic organizer over the steps required for College Credit Plus for Highland High School

CCP Intent to Participate Form and CCP Proof of Meeting Attendance Form- these forms must be filled out each year prior to April 1st for the following school year. All three forms must be filled out and turned into HHS guidance prior to the April 1st deadline. If you have not attended the online State Mandated College Credit Plus meeting, you must attend it or find another CCP meeting at a different high school or college or have an individual meeting with an area college regarding CCP expectations and provide documentation that you attended a meeting. You may watch either of the presentations listed below to satisfy this requirement.


Marion Technical College CCP Presentation 

College Credit Plus State Mandated Powerpoint


College Credit Plus Course Offerings at HHS-this is a visual of College Credit Plus courses that are offered at HHS through Marion Technical College instructors as well as Highland High School instructors for the 2021-2022 school year. Included is a sample transfer pathway available to HHS students.