Article VI – Criteria for Selection
1. Former Highland High School athletes who have distinguished themselves by outstanding
accomplishments, performances and/or honors.

2. Former Highland High School coaches or athletic directors who have distinguished
themselves by outstand accomplishments, performances, and/or honors.

3. Former Sparta, Marengo or Chesterville high school athletes, coaches, administrators or
contributors to the success of those athletic programs.

4. Former athletes must be out of high school for at least 10 years to be eligible. Former
coaches or administrators must have been removed from Highland High School athletics
for at least five (5) years to be considered for induction.

5. Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Highland High School athletics
may be nominated in the ‘meritorious service’ category.

6. All nominees must have demonstrated good sportsmanship and citizenship.

7. Teams which have made outstanding accomplishments may also be considered for

8. Consideration should be given to those who have further distinguished themselves after
graduating from Highland High School, be it athletically at the college or professional level,
or in their chosen field of endeavor.

9. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee may choose to select teams for induction into the
Highland Local School District Hall of Fame. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, teams
must somehow have distinguished themselves above and beyond the normal standards.
These may include:
undefeated seasons, league championships, district championships, regional
championships and state tournament appearances and/or championships. The Hall of
Fame Committee shall select not more than one team in any year and may choose not to
select any team.


The Method of Selection

1. Nomination Forms will be made available to the general public through a method of
advertising their availability. Nominations also may be made by committee members. The
formal nominations may be made by any person wishing to do so. A written resume of
the candidate’s credentials and achievements must accompany the nomination.
Nomination Forms are due no later than September 30th for consideration on that years

2. All nominations will be reviewed and discussed by the committee.


3. The committee will investigate the validity of the nominations to the best of its ability.


4. There may be up to three categories on the ballot: Highland athletes,

Marengo, Sparta and Chesterville athletes and a coach/contributors list pending approved
applications by the Committee.


5. Ballots
A. At the October* meeting the Committee will vote on each nomination form to validate
completion and qualification. A nominee will be placed on the ballot by receiving a
majority vote of the Committee.

B. At the January* meeting the Committee will then vote using that ballot, to elect
members into the Highland Athletic Hall of Fame.
i. Absentee ballots of the Committee members will be accepted, if in the hands
of the Chairman prior to the January meeting.

C. The committee will vote via secret ballot. Committee members will have either:
i. 3 votes in cases of 5 or fewer nominations.
ii. OR in cases where six (6) or more nominations: each Committee member will
have votes equal to 2/3 of the nominees. (i.e. 6 nominees = 4 votes) {If not
equal the votes will round up. i.e. 7 nominees = 4.6 rounded to 5 votes}.

D. To be selected to the Highland Athletic Hall of Fame, a nominee must receive at
least 7 votes.

E. Individuals or teams that earn at least 5 (five) votes, but did not achieve selection,
will remain on the ballot the following year. Those receiving less may resubmit a
Nomination Form for consideration on a future ballot.

*The committee reserves the right to change these dates as necessary*