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2019-2020 project/unit overviews:

English Language Arts

Project:  Dream on:  Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Dystopian (Mr. Behnfeldt)

Project:  The Dystopian World (Mrs. Reid)

Project:  Oh!  The Horror! (Mr. Behnfeldt)

Project:  Oh!  The Horror! (Mrs. Reid)

Project:  Argumentative Essay (Mr. Behnfeldt)

Project:  Building an Argument (Mrs. Reid)

Project:  A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Reid)

Project:  A Christmas Carol (Mr. Behnfeldt)

Project:  Symbolism and Allegory (Mr. Behnfeldt)

Project:  Symbolism and Allegory (Mrs. Reid)

Project:  Research - What do we REALLY know? (Mrs. Reid)

Project:  Genre Book Project (Mrs. Reid)


Unit 1:  Unit Conversions

Unit 2:  Linear Equations

Unit 3:  Linear Inequalities

Unit 4:  Features of Functions

Unit 5:  Graphing and Systems

Unit 8:  Polynomials


Unit 1:  Tools of Geometry

Unit 2:  Rigid Transformations

Unit 3:  Congruence

Unit 4:  Triangle Relationships

Unit 5:  Coordinate Geometry

Unit 6:  Similarity

Unit 7:  Trigonometry


Unit 1:  Rigid Motions

Unit 2:  Dilations, Similarity, and Slope

Unit 3:  Linear Equations

Unit 6:  Pythagorean Theorem

Advanced Physical Science

Project:  Element Dodecahedron


Project:  Plate Boundaries

Project:  Layers of Change

Project:  Monster Genetics Lab

Project:  Weathering/Erosion/Deposition II

Social Studies

Project:  American History Mythbusters

Project:  Colonial Fair

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