College credit plus

Highland offers college credit plus courses though Marion Technical College. A track of classes is provided at Highland High School by MTC and Highland instructors. Students also have the opportunity to take classes online. Students can take classes through other colleges, as well .

All paperwork is DUE April 1st. The deadline CANNOT be extended for any reason. 

Students also need to apply to the college they will be attending CCP at, see Marion Tech application link below. 


College Credit Plus Roadmap this is a graphic organizer over the steps required for College Credit Plus for Highland High School.

CCP Intent to Participate Form and CCP Proof of Meeting Attendance Form these forms must be filled out each year prior to April 1st for the following school year. All three forms must be filled out and turned into HHS guidance prior to the April 1st deadline. If you have not attended the online State Mandated College Credit Plus meeting, you must attend it or find another CCP meeting at a different high school or college or have an individual meeting with an area college regarding CCP expectations and provide documentation that you attended a meeting. You may watch the presentations listed below to satisfy this requirement.

Annual Information Notice Presentation 2022-2023 (CCP Meeting Presentation)

10 Tips for CCP Parents and Families 

The Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) Approved Courses Reporting System will help you identify equivalent pre-major/beginning major courses in a specific subject area at Ohio public colleges and universities. If the current and destination institutions have approved course matches during the same time period, those courses are considered equivalent. For the best results, make sure to input the term and year of the course that you took or will be taking. Approved TAG courses and their associated credit hours are guaranteed to transfer and apply toward the specific major at any of Ohio’s public colleges and universities

MTC CCP Application– this is the application you will need to complete for MTC, in addition to the paperwork you turn in to HHS. This is only if you plan on completing CCP with Marion Technical College. 


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