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New Standards Based Grading

Improving Communication Through Standards-Based Grading

All grade levels and subjects will be using a standards-based grading system beginning the third grading period.

In order to better communicate to parents and empower you to assist in the academic development of your child, we are implementing a standards-based grading system.  
To learn more about standards-based grading or how to view standards grades in Power School, visit the standards-based grading section of our web site.  You can access it in the "parent resource" section of our Elementary page or under "Parents and Students" on our district page.
Learn More & Visit the Standards-Based Grading Page Now
For students in grades 2-5, teachers will provide feedback and report on specific standards or expectations of learning, and parents will be able to view student progress for each standard utilizing new features in Power School.  While the the first phase of this transition included only English Language Arts and Mathematics, all subjects will now be reporting student progress using the following three performance levels:  Meets the standard, Developing, Unsatisfactory.
Parents can view their child’s progress in Power School by using the “standards-grades” view.
Kindergarten and First Grade have utilized a standards based reporting system for several years.  At this time, that system will remain the same. Parents will receive a progress report at the end of the grading term.
These improvements support teachers in addressing the individual needs of students, and allow parents to clearly understand a student’s progress toward mastering a skill or standard.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have as we make the transition.